Passion for Alaska

A Visitors Recall book that describes for the reader a few interesting fun take away facts, legends and folklore about Alaska and the Alaskan Brewing Company has been developed. It is an easy read to get a quick and true perspective of how things work in Alaska and how the Alaskan Brewing Company has handled responsibility for the history, innovation and sustainability approaches required to exist in Alaska. The Visitor’s Recall has embedded both images captured by the author and historic archive images from mining days of the past in the Gastineau area of Southeast Alaska.

Looking down at the Gastineau Channel

Warm Temperatures, precipitation prompt avalanches in Downtown Juneau Alaska

There were avalanches off of Mt. Juneau Tuesday April 13, 2021. These events are carving the way toward a summer of great photo opportunities in the above treeline Juneau trails.

Just started the voyage.

Sight is a gift, but seeing is an art. Seeing is the difference between the painter and the artist. The laborer and the architect. The happy and the unhappy.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You may search the world over looking for beauty. But if it’s not within you, you’ll never find it.

Let us introduce you to the Juneau Saturday and Wednesday community hikes that search many trails in Southeast Alaska to find that special place of beauty in your eyes to capture in a photo for all those around you to share.

Contact Dennis,, with any questions or concerns.